Empower Your Child to Stand Out in the Top 5% of Speakers

 Interactive Public Speaking Training for Rising Star Children of Parents who Value Personal Growth

Empower Your Child with Public Speaking Training

World-Class Kids Coaching for Parents Who Value Personal Growth

Develop Your Child's Confidence and Skills

Public Speaking is frequently cited as the #1 fear in the world – above spiders, heights and flying. Our mission is to help your child become comfortable and confident when speaking to groups. This allows your child to stand out for scholarships, leadership opportunities and much more. Kids who graduate from this program go on to run for class president, get on television shows and speak to hundreds of people in an auditorium.

This Program is Divided into 3 Phases


Sessions 1-4

  • Start and end every speech with a powerful connection.
  • Express ideas with laser-focused clarity using a time-tested framework.
  • Know exactly how long to speak to be both concise and memorable when speaking to groups.


Sessions 5-8

  • Unleash a new level of vocal expression and variety.
  • Capture and maintain the audience’s interest with deliberate hand-gestures.
  • Hold attention by using the visual storytelling method.


Sessions 9-12

  • Stand out to teachers and parents by being confident and expressive.
  • Be dynamic with emotional variance.
  • Lead groups with confidence
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Beckem did an amazing job this morning presenting his Boy of the Week poster. He had a wonderful stage presence and really captivated all of us in audience! Below are a few photos and a video I took of Beckem presenting! I also included a photo of Beckem reading his Writer's Workshop story to the class yesterday in modeling how to write a strong introduction page. It is awesome to see Beckem really showing his strength in presenting to an audience!
School Teacher


Empowered Kids Network is a Public Speaking and Life Coaching Company for kids that gives your child the communication skills and confidence to thrive. We combine the personal development of a transformational seminar with the skill-building curriculum of a world-class public speaking training to empower your child with the tools to make an impact in the world.

There is a 3-month program and a 6-month program. Your initial consultation is complementary and from there we will recommend the best course of action to have your child excel.

You can book your initial complimentary consultation here: Consultation.

Facilitators are vetted based on their background in personal empowerment, hours of coaching and relatability to kids. We select only the most committed, fun and relatable coaches who can deliver the result of life-time empowerment for your child.

We recommend starting with an initial consultation to see what program is right for you and your child. Once you have an initial needs assessment, you will be given a recommendation for the best next steps. You can book your complimentary consultation here: Consultation.

"You can increase your value by 50% by learning
how to communicate -- public speaking"